With growing number of features and design in web standards, web designers look towards more and more robust design for web pages. Drag and Drop is one such feature which provides a dynamic interface for users. Though there are numerous jQuery plugins for drag and drop, only few makes it simple and clean, as titled I will present you the three best jquery plugin for DnD ( Drag and Drop ).

drg and drop

Many jQuery plugin for drag and drop just provides only drag functionality, but when I say drag and drop – it means dragging some element and dropping it on another element, where the later element acts as a container to keep the dropped elements. All the drag and drop scripts do not work out of box for the dynamically inserted elements, all the html elements should be on page while initializing the drag or drop. But the events and handlers for drag and drop can be added to dynamically inserted elements with few improvisations.

1. jQuery.event.drag & jQuery.event.drop by threedubmedia

Though there is an elegant solution provided by jQuery UI, event.drag and event.drop scripts provided by threedubmedia.com is simple and fits well for the required task. It provides custom events for both drag and drop which helps you to execute something at each point. This plugin is well documented and provide examples for every options and methods it uses. This script provides support for live elements but works only up to jquery version 1.7.2. I myself found a solution to make it work with further versions, which can be found at


2. jQuery UI draggable and droppable.

This too provides excellent features, but considering the weight of the script, there are better solutions for the same. But jquery UI is widely used as it provides better design features with array of plugins. If you are looking for just DnD then you can go for other plugins.

3. jQuery.event.drag & jQuery.event.drop by javascriptmvc.com

This is similar to the first on list. But this too provides various other excellent plugins along with drag and drop. This plugin is also well documented with demos.

3 best drag and drop jquery plugin

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