I am not going to write the definition of Wi-Fi to start this article, because this particular technology is no longer a tech jargon, but had already become a kid’s toy. Wi-Fi had transformed the world of internet, and people started to love this technology mainly because of the ease of use, no cluttering of wires and they can access internet on the go, above all its cheaper and powerful.

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Now enough of Wi-Fi blah, blah…. Lets Create a Wi-Fi spot for everyone to access the internet, you can create one from any type of internet connection you have now. It can be a usb modem like EVDO, or a broadband connection on a leased line. The method I am going to show is simple and cheaper when compared to expensive wireless routers used to create Wi-Fi. All you need is the following hardware and software.

  • Internet connection.
  • TP-Link TL-WN721N Wireless adapter ( Hardware ).
  • Connectify ( Software ).

Let me tell you why I recommend this particular wireless adapter. First, its just around 9$, a lot cheaper when compared to routers that costs over 100$. It supports both Ad-hoc network mode as well as Infrastructure mode and has good range. Next we need connectify, because some devices do not support Ad-hoc network mode, which we can overcome with Connectify, again this software is just 55$, which makes your task of setting up a Wi-Fi spot a lot easier.

Follow these steps to setup a Wi-Fi spot.

1. Install your wireless adapter with the drivers provided. Now you have added a wireless network adapter, which you can verify from devices and hardwares listing.

2. Install Connectify, you no need to do much, as every configuration is done automatically.

3. Now open Connectify and from settings tab, set a name for your hot spot and a password if you want to restrict others from connecting to your network.

4. Under the same (settings) tab, you select your internet connection.

5. Then choose the wireless network connection to share over, which is by default Wi-Fi.

6. Then click on the Start Hotspot button.

Reference Image:

Connectify - WI-Fi

That’s it, now you can connect all your Wi-Fi enabled devices to internet. Now give me a Hi-Fi(ve)..


Create Wi-Fi spot from any type of internet connection
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