There are several ways to lock or hide data that you have in your PC, most of the data locking software just lock or hide the data and provides access to them when a password is provided. If you have lost the password that is used to lock the folder you can always bypass with simple tools and methods and even an amateur PC user knows the basics of this, but the main reason I started writing this article is the recent episode of THENDRAL that is shown on SUN TV between 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM. This episode is produced by VIKATAN TELEVISTAS PVT LTD.

You can watch this episode here at

Before going into the method of bypassing or removing the password for Folder Lock, I like to say a few words on the THENDRAL episode. The director and the technical head of this story needs some real knowledge to handle technical stuffs in film making, at least they should have approached a real software technical assistant, this one episode in particular was ridiculous. The most hilarious of all is, at one point they install the Folder Lock software again to remove the old password, which will only ask for the old password again instead of resetting or removing it. To VIKATAN TELEVISTAS and the director of this serial – Please do not consider that audiences are a complete fool, You need to get some real understandings when handling technical stuff.

Here is the simple way to remove the password. This method is shown for Folder Lock XP by Everstrike. But most of the folder lock software follow the same principle.

Step 1. Go to start.
Step 2. Run.
Step 3. Enter regedit short for registry editor.


Now open the Folder Lock XP and it will open without asking password. You can even set a new password after that.

A few minutes spent on Google on how to remove password of any kind would have provided some clear insight into how it works. Our film makers are lazy and above all consider themselves a genius. Tamil cinema and serials are pathetic.

How to remove or bypass the password of Lock Folder XP

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