The term “Search Engine” has been hard wired into our brain, that we could not imagine internet without it. It has almost made us lazy, but at the same time has resulted in information explosion. It has become easy to know about anything on earth and outside of it, with search engines. Most of us know only a few or sometimes only one search engine, but there are thousands of search engines all over the world. Here we list the top 5 search engines for you.

Quality of the search engines are based on these features

  1. Simple interface
  2. Relevant Search Result.
  3. Options to broaden or narrow down your search results.

Cartoon credit: Edouard Blais

Google without doubt is the top most search engine right now. Google started as a search engine and slowly introduced many features like Google images, maps and news. But Google with its recent changes has become distant to an average internet user. There are alternative search engines that provide you excellent results than Google. Surprised? well that is the fact.

Bing is relatively a new search engine by Microsoft. It is known as MSN search till 2009, which is updated and catching up fast with users worldwide. Bing’s interface is really clean and provide various search options, wiki recommendations and image search. Bing and few other search engines were at war with Google right now, in fact Bing is a move by Microsoft to dethrone Google. is an excellent search engine, one of my personal favorite. Cleaner interface, relevant results and various options and suggestions to broaden or narrow your search. Moreover the annoying ads are lesser than Google. Give it a try and certainly you will like this search engine.

Ask also knows as Ask Jeeves is around for a long time. Over time it has evolved a lot and you will certainly like the information organized by But it has to improve a lot on providing relevant results to users. The front page features like question of the day, answers from the community were really nice and helpful.

Yahoo is not only a search engine, it is a part of Yahoo with many other services like email, shopping, news, travel directory and game center. Yahoo too have come a long way in indexing and cleaner organization of search results.

Top 5 Search Engines
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