Yep, if money is your primary objective (….), you will find later what is to be filled within the braces. According to a recent study by Glassdoor a job site, fifteen tech companies were surveyed and its found that Google pays by an average of $5000 more than its competitors.

Glassdoor’s report says that the average salary for a software engineer at Google is $128,336, that is the basic pay, without including health care, stocks and bonuses. Here are the companies that pay more.

  • Facebook: $123,626
  • Apple: $114,413
  • eBay: $108,809
  • Zynga: $105,568

Its time to fill in the braces… People out there give importance to machines, algorithms and money. What is the worth of those figures when it is beyond the scope of human values. Recent EMD (exact match domain) and Panda Update by Google has resulted in lives being lost, valuable sites pushed into the oblivion. While busy counting the figures, also count the lost websites, lost jobs and lives because of Google’s algorithm update.

Everyone went after EMD, because Google gave importance by placing it in the search results, everyone followed the page layout and ad placement as advocated by Google, but now those practices are considered spam by Google, how do we rely on it anymore?. Finally I hope you got what to fill in the braces.

Software Engineers earn more at Google
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