Quick Response Code also known as QR Code was developed by Denso Wave subsidiary of Toyota Japan. QR codes are like Barcodes used to store information, but QR codes can be decoded faster and stores more data. QR Codes plays a vital role in information storage and transmission across smart devices nowadays, and you may already know about it if are using a smartphone.

You can scan the above QR code and create a bookmark of this page instantly, try it.

You can use online QR Code generators to generate them instantly, but if you want to integrate QR Code generators in your website or web based applications, here is the list of PHP and Java scripts for QR code generation. We have tested various PHP and Javascript based generators and found very few of them are doing an excellent job right now.

PHP QR Code Generators

1. PHP QR Code

This is the most reliable PHP libray for QR code generation you will find on the web. This library comes with options to specify error correction, cell sizes and has the ability to output the QR image directly on the web page or to store it as a png image with the help of GD library.

All you have to do is include this line in your php file where you need to generate the the code.

require_once( 'qrlib.php' );

then, when you are ready to generate the code you call the function like this

QRcode::png($data , $filename, 'H', 5);

Where $data is the data to be encoded and $filename is the name of the image file to be generated (png image), then comes the error correction and size settings, which you can refer from the documentation.


2. PHP QR Code Generator Class

This PHP class has remarkable features, you can generate QR codes for bookmarks, urls, emails, contact info, geo location, content, phone, sms and plain text. Integration into any php code is pretty easy as the first one. You can display the image directly or you can store it in the folder/directory specified. This php library requires cURL (Client Url) library to be enabled.


Javascript QR Code Generators

1. JavaScript QR Code Encoder Library

This is packed with array of option and features, and the most excellent Javascript solution for QR Code generation. The author himself has QR code generator page based on this script, and the most notable feature is the realtime update, QR code is generated instantly for every letter you type into the input area. You can integrate it easily and generate QR codes without depending on some external service.


2. Jquery qrcode

This script is actually a wrapper for QRcode Library that was written in many programming languages. Though this code is far better than the other scripts that is not listed here, it also has few glitches in QR code generation. Sometimes the generated code could not be decoded by most of the applications and usually happens when a large QR image is generated.


Best QR Code generators for PHP and Javascript
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