Carousels integrated within any websites gives a quick glance at the contents the site provides. Carousel means “merry go round” or “round about”, in web designing carousels are list of items which can be scrolled back and forth. There are many jquery carousel plugins and we have chosen the best five free jquery plugins . Here we go.

1. Cloud Carousel

The most fantastic carousel plugin you will ever find on the web. Cloud carousel creates a perspective 3d view of the items that go round and round. Highly interactive, supports mousewheel and features auto reflections. Above all its free. Though there are lot of flash versions for the same design, the advantage of using Cloud carousel is, it is SEO friendly. Easy to integrate into any design and the most surprising aspect is the minified version of the jquery plugin is just 6KB.

Demo and Download

2. Roundabout

This pretty awesome jquery carousel plugin with wide array of features. This single jquery plugin can display content and images in 9 different ways, each one is unique. This plugin can be integrated with many other jquery plugin to enhance the visual design of the plugin.

Demo and Download

3. JCoverflip

Beautiful Carousel plugin, with ability to display content and images. Supports drag and click and every design element of this plugin customizable.

Demo / Download

4. Feature Carousel

Carousel to display images and content, arranges the elements into 3D rotating carousel. Comes with text overlay option to display content. Speed and effects are customizable.

Demo and Download

5. jCarousel

This carousel is simple in design but packed with excellent features. You can display horizontal, vertical and flexible carousels with this plugin. Flexible carousel that flexes and contracts according to the width of the container. Example scripts for quick html integration or php integration is available with the download.

Demo and Download

5 Best Jquery Carousel
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