Google – the worlds top most search engine, had become a controversial topic all over the world in recent times. Its because Google made changes to its privacy policies earlier this year on collecting user information that can be used across various Google products and features. But this has raised many questions on user privacy while using Google’s products.

You can use any Google product if you just sign up for gmail, one user account is used across all products. But in the process Google also gathers user information and builds up a complete profile on their life style, browsing habits and personal interests. It is really a bit scary, and this has led to facing privacy policy issues in European Union. Above all Google also serves personalized search results and advertisements based on the user profile. The alternative search engine DuckDuckGo has highlighted this in their video.

This personalized user experience called “Filter Bubble” is in fact not a good one, While some may not agree with this, most of the people will not be comfortable with Google gathering their private info. One of the biggest problem with “Filter Bubble” is Google limits access to information, keeping you comfortable with your personal likes and dislikes. You may never see information that others are looking at, that may add more value and perspective to your search.

Are you being Googled?
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