Hard disk crashes and data losses is one of the worst nightmares for any average computer user, if you are a power user then it’s a major setback for you. Let me tell you my own tragedy from which I am recovering now, my Seagate Barracuda 1 TB crashed and lost all the data. I faced the worst case scenario a month back, and with hope I tried all data recovery services in Chennai, some gave me hope, some instilled fear in me, some manipulated my thoughts and emotions to identify the importance of the data so they could charge more. Here I like to share my experience on Hard disk crash and data recovery services in Chennai.

har disk data recovery

The Seagate Barracuda is now my worst enemy, because I had four hard disk crashes in the last 2 years and all of them are Seagate Barracuda. The first three times I diagnosed the problem earlier and backed up the data, but the fourth time it happened in an instant. I was completely devastated, but with hope I went to most of data recovery centers in Chennai, and to mention a few,

1. Data Safe Chennai.

This is where I submitted my hard disk first, they checked the hard disk and told me that there is a problem with the Read/Write head but data can be recovered, and gave me an estimate, but after day of analysis they said that the data could not be recovered.

2. B Sage Chennai.

They asked 24 hours just to check the hard disk and charged for complete analysis so that they can say if data could be recovered or not. But their approach of psychologically breaking you down will certainly irritate you, which is what happened to me so I came back without submitting my hard disk.

3. Black and White data recovery.

This is where the actual damage of my hard disk happened. The call themselves professionals, but they do not know the basic principle, that you should not try to run a scan on the crashed hard disk when there is a problem with the head, but I learned it myself only after they had run the scan for nearly six hours.

3. Stellar Info.

This one remains a mystery to me, they received my hard disk, analyzed ( they say so ) it for nearly 4 hours and charged me huge sum and gave me a month time, after waiting for a month, they again asked for another month, then moments later they said the data could not be recovered, stating “Cause Of Damage Physical, Translator table corrupted, solution not available at present”. But I am left with a question – On what basis did they charged me huge sum and assured me that data could be recovered?.

As far as I have seen most of the data recovery centers could recover data if your hard disk is spinning, I can do that myself. So protect your data as far as possible, and if you face a worst case scenario, I would recommend Stellar Info, for they have the clean room facility to open the hard disk and recover data in case if it is required. Other data recover centers may cause damage to your media making data recovery impossible, moreover most of the data recovery centers try to suck in huge sum of money from you by playing on your mental state to identify the importance of the data.

You might be wondering what is the necessity of this article, let me tell you I lost nearly 3 years of data, many hours of work and concepts entirely created by me, I am starting from scratch now.

Hard Disk data recovery in Chennai

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