Simple photo tagging with PHP and jQuery

Written by pelister. Posted in PHP

To call it as “photo tagging” is outright wrong, to be precise it should be called as image annotation or even sticky notes, which is the process of super-imposing a piece of information or data( called as tags) to a specific part of an image without changing the underlying image. You can have one or more tags for a single image. Most of us are already familiar with tags marked over group photos on social media sites, but this type of tagging information onto an image serves wider purpose. Annotation or Image tagging ( to sound familiar ) can be used in the following scenarios.

  • To highlight errors or provide some corrections, write comments or suggestions on any kind of design.
  • Can be helpful as a presentational markup.
  • Annotation on plans and designs will be helpful in remembering the concept and idea and discussing it further.
  • Markup on graphs and scientific images.
  • Name of people or person on photos. ( I bet you already know this he..he.. )


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