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What Linux Admin should know : User Management

Written by sathish. Posted in Linux

Users are someone those who have given permission to access the server and enjoy the resources of the server. They can connect to the server via ssh and  they can create, modify and delete the files and directories. Users can run the application provided that they has permission to do that. To manage the users in easy manner, we generally put them into groups.

For example, 25 students are from std 9 and just say ‘vinay’ is one among them. To assemble all the student from std 9. we will not call one by one student to assemble, simply we use std 9 students are requested to assemble. Here vinay is the user and std 9 is group name.

This post will explain various way of creating and managing the users and groups.

1. To List the users :

cat /etc/passwd


user-name:x:user id:group id:Comment Section:home directory:default shell
2. To List the groups
cat /etc/group
group-name: password : group id: users list
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