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5 Best Free 3d model site

Written by pelister. Posted in 3D

This is an era of revolution in 3D graphics and animation. CG (Computer Graphics) has almost blurred the line between 3d and reality. It also has found new areas of application and has made life easier for many, for example 3d simulation is widely used in aviation, where a pilot is trained in simulators instead of a real airplane.

The first step in any 3D animation or simulation is creating concept arts, sketching the environment, characters and every minute detail that goes into the creation of CG environment. Then comes the step called modeling or digital sculpting, where a 2D art is converted into 3D object or 3d model. There are thousands of websites with free 3D models organized like a digital library and available for any 3d enthusiast. But here we list the top 5 sites with excellent 3d models.

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