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Ajax pagination using PHP, MySQL and jQuery

Written by pelister. Posted in Jquery, PHP

It is easy to store and retrieve data from MySQL database with few lines of PHP code. But the real headache comes when we want to display the data in an organized design. Lets take a sample scenario, you have some thousand rows of data in your database – displaying  them as a HTML table will result in thousand rows of a single table, imagine how long will you have to scroll the page to reach the end of the table, even worse, how will you find a particular data within those thousand rows. A simple solution is to display them as pages, each page with limited number of rows.

In this tutorial I am going to write few lines of code that will fetch data from MySQL database and display them as pages, we will be using jQuery to monitor the click on page navigation and loading the table onto the browser page.


Download contains all the files used in creating the demo ( html, php, css, jquery and databases .sql dump )

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