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Must have plugins for wordpress

Written by pelister. Posted in Wordpress

WordPress is the top most blogging platform right now, and you are here, reading this because you are obsessed with it. Even if you are not that much into wordpress at this point, you are bound to at certain point of time, in very near future. At that point you will become addicted,  you will install wordpress on every domain, you will recommend wordpress to everyone around and try to learn and develop new tips and tricks with it. Yep, you might have already identified what I am doing right now, I have to admit it, The Code is Poetry.

Alright, alright enough of my blah blah.., If you are using wordpress, you might have already noticed the extendability of it with plugins, the most beautiful feature of this powerful blogging platform. If you want to add certain functionality to your blog, you will certainly have plugin for it, just download, install and voila!! you have got what you want. There are thousand of plugins each for specific requirements, but there are few plugins which you must have if you are serious about blogging with wordpress.

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