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Day after day QR Codes are finding a lot of  application areas and many of us search for some QR Generators. Now you can have your own QR Code Generator page on your website. This is standalone QR Code generator, it doesn’t depend on other API’s for QR generation. Released under LGPL license, you are free to use it distribute it, integrate it wherever you want, as long as you mention the author. Read license.txt for further info on license details.

qrcodes Features:
  • Generates 12 types of QR Codes. ( bookmark, url, email, telephone, sms, geo location, vCard, meCard, and Wi-fi ).
  • Comes with PHP QR Code library for QR code generation. No need of external API’s
  • jQuery date picker for date fields.
  • Click or drag on maps (Google maps) to select the latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

WordPress Integration

With little idea on WordPress templates you can integrate this QR Generator on a WordPress site. You can see an working example here

http://animium.com/qrcode-generator/  (wordpress integrated)

http://techlister.com/qrgenerator/ (directly from a folder)

Download free QR Code Generator.

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Comments (5)

  • Doug Lewis


    Great QR Code generator I really like it. I would like to add some different types so that I can track some inventory. Do you have any instructions for adding some additional types of things to generate a QR Code for?


  • Laurent


    I just finished a QRcode generator that is reallyg trying to let you embed the QRcode in your artwork, with dots and corners templates, transparency and so on. Enjoy the beta!



    • pelister


      do you have any plans to release the code for the public.. if so we would be happy.


      • Chenet


        So far, no. But I still need to finish it first (make it work in “high definition”) then I’ll think again.


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