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3D Turntable plugin

Version 2.0 Updated - 27/03/2013
Compatibility compat 16_native compat 17
License GPLv2  
Author Pelister Joomla Plugin
Thanks to Petr Vostrel Jquery Reel
Thanks to Brandon Aaron Mousewheel

Turntable Joomla Plugin Version:2.0

Turntable - a 360 degree product viewer plugin for Joomla

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An image is worth a thousand words. And how about an interactive one!


Introducing the most powerful 3D Turntable plugin for Joomla to create 360° view of objects or panoramic views of scenes. Not just a turntable, it has a lot of exciting features apart from turntable that you can use it to present your 3D or real world objects and images in the most visually attractive and user interactive way.



Turntable Creation

- Create 360° turntable for 3d or real world objects.

- Create turntable using a sprite image.

- Create panoramic views with single large panorama image.

- Create panoramic views with sprite image.

- Create Multirow turntable for 3d or real world objects - covering beyond usual 360° span.


- Intuitive operation. Supports mouse wheel and touch (for iPads and such)

- Mouse drag operation.

- Animated rotation and inertial motion.

- Catch and throw objects , so the object rotates at the speed you throw.

Design Integration

- Can be integrated seamlessly with your existing site design.

- Comes with its own CSS file for style customizations.

- No need of flash or special browser extensions. Its just image...

Browser Compatibility

Tested on IE7, IE8, Firefox 8, Opera 11, Chrome 14, Safari 5.1

Joomla Usage

- Integrate Turntable within your articles.

- Can have multiple turntable on single page.

- Each turntable can be customized with different settings.

Supported Image Formats

-supports .jpg, .png and .gif.



Turntables created with single camera angle is usual 360° view of objects.





For example, in the above illustration, camera rotated around the object(teapot) and a single frame rendered or captured at regular intervals of 10° will give 36 frames. This is usual 360° turntable. But this always gives us one camera angle around the object.


So this plugin comes with a feature called Multirow Turntable. You can now create turntables from multiple camera angles around the object.



mr turntable


In the above illustration there are 3 cameras and each camera around the object produces 36 frames (1 frame for evey 10° rotation).So its 36 X 3 frames, total of 108 frames. Now these 108 frames can be used to create multirow turntable. So 3 cameras will be taken as 3 rows and each row will have 36 frames produced by each camera. Now the turntable can be traversed between rows and also between frames in each row. So you can view objects from multiple angles, from bottom to top as well as around the object.


This section desrcibes the methods of integrating the turntable inside Joomla articles.


call to plugin code should be like this code

between these two plugin code you should give the folder name.

eg: code1

By default the plugin takes the path to images folder in your Joomla installation (Joomlasite/images) and searches for the folder you have given inside the plugin code. if the folder is found it reads the images and sets up a turntable.


Turntable plugin code only with folder name and without any options, like the one illustrated above creates a turntable with default settings provided for the plugin at the Joomla backend.(Plugin-Manager).


You can override the plugin with options described in Plugin Options, so you can create turntables with different settings.


Take look at the Demos for option overrides and to learn about creating 360° turntable, panorama, multirow turntable, panorama with sprite image and turntable with sprite image.


This turntable is created with sprite.

Sprite: An image sprite is a collection of images put into a single image.

2 images are required to create a sprite based turntable.

a. Image Sprite.



In the above sprite 36 frames could be arranged, but we have only 35 frames. No problem specify the number of frames while calling the plugin. frames:35, then it will skip the last empty black frame.

b. One single frame from the series of images you used to create sprite.




Now put both the images in a folder and call the plugin . In our example the folder name is "testreel".

Naming Convention for the image files in case of Sprite based Turntable

sprite image must be named with "-reel". for eg: if your single frame image is "f1.jpg" then your sprite must be "f1-reel.jpg". yo cannot have different name for sprite and the single image you use, name must remain the same with the addition of "-reel" for the sprite.

Sprite creation - plugin call

options sprite

width and height specified in the plugin call is the width and height of the single frame you put in the folder.

look at Plugin Options for more detail on options.

Mandatory options for sprite:

sprite - enable or disable,

footage - number of frames in a row in the sprite image.

frames - total number of frames available in the sprite.



Multirow turntable can be set when you have sequence of images from multiple cameras. (Refer Multirow Turntable). It requires sequence of images in ascending order. Frames can be named as following.


image0001.jpg, image0002.jpg .....


image01.jpg, image02.jpg ...


image_a.jpg, image_b.jpg....


where "image" can be replaced with your own name.

Plugin call to Multirow turntable will look like this


options mr


Mandatory options for Multirow Turntable.

multirow - enable or disable multirow.

frames - number of frames per row.

rows - total number of rows.


Multirow turntable at work ah-64 Apache



This is usual 360° turntable. This also requires naming the frames sequentially. Frames can be named as following.


image0001.jpg, image0002.jpg .....


image01.jpg, image02.jpg ...


image_a.jpg, image_b.jpg....


plugin call to setup a normal 360° turntable will be like this


option seq


If you have 36 frames for a complete rotation around the object, then put them in a folder and provide the folder name between the plugin call, in the above example "testtn" is the folder name. the width and height is used here to override the default plugin value.

Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. Interactive Panorama can be setup with this plugin.

Panorama setup requires 2 images. A single frame usually part of the original panorama image and the original panorama itself.



single frame



original panorama


Naming Convention for the image files in panorama setup.

panorama image must be named with "-reel". (eg) if your single frame image is "pano.jpg" the the panorma image would be "pano-reel.jpg".


Plugin call to panoram will look like this

pano options

Mandatory options for Panorama setup.

panorama - enable or disable panorama

frames - panorama will be sliced to this number of frames. More frames will make panorama transition smooth.

panwd - overall width of the panorama image.


This is a panorama created with a sprite image. instead of single stitched wide panorama image, the different angles are stitched into a sprite. Refer sprite setup for options and plugin call.


Following options can be used to override the default settings of the 3D Turntable plugin.



Overall width of the turntable.


Width of the image.


Height of the image.


Width and height is mandatory for setting up turntable with sprites or panorama with sprites.


Rotation speed of the turntable.


Negative Values for speed will rotate the turntable in anti-clockwise direction.

Positive values for speed will rotate the turntable in clock-wise direction.

Value zero will disable the autoplay of turntable and the controls Play, Pause and Stop will not have any effect on turntable.

Rotation speed of turntable increases with the value of speed (eg: 0, .1, .2, .....1, 2, )


size of progress indicator in pixels.


Initial frame from where the turntable starts. Plugin instance starts with this frame. Frame 1 is the top left corner of the image in case of sprite.


enable or disable sprite. when setting up sprite based turntable, this option should be set. values 1 for true and 0 for false.


this is number of frames per line in a sprite. required for setting up turntable with sprites.


enable or disable multirow. when setting up multirow turntable this option should be set.

values 1 for true and 0 for false.


number of rows if you are setting up a multirow turntable.


initial row from where the turntable starts, if it is a multirow turntable. default is 0.


enable or disable panorama. when setting up panoramic views this option should be set.

values 1 for true and 0 for false.

panwd width of the panorama image, if it is a single panorama image.
loops enable or disable loops for panorama. If your panorama is not a complete 360° rotation then set loops to 0. (values 1 for true and 0 for false)

Sprite: Total number of frames present in the given sprite (or) Panorama: the full panorama will be sliced to the number of frames you specify here. more number of frames will make transition smooth for panoramic views. (or) Multi-Row: Number of frames per row.