Create Wi-Fi spot from any type of internet connection

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I am not going to write the definition of Wi-Fi to start this article, because this particular technology is no longer a tech jargon, but had already become a kid’s toy. Wi-Fi had transformed the world of internet, and people started to love this technology mainly because of the ease of use, no cluttering of wires and they can access internet on the go, above all its cheaper and powerful.

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Now enough of Wi-Fi blah, blah…. Lets Create a Wi-Fi spot for everyone to access the internet, you can create one from any type of internet connection you have now. It can be a usb modem like EVDO, or a broadband connection on a leased line. The method I am going to show is simple and cheaper when compared to expensive wireless routers used to create Wi-Fi. All you need is the following hardware and software.

  • Internet connection.
  • TP-Link TL-WN721N Wireless adapter ( Hardware ).
  • Connectify ( Software ).

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