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Oracle SUN ZFS Storage 7000 Simulator installation

Written by sathish. Posted in Linux

Hello Guys,

Here I am sharing the installation and configuration of SUN ZFS Storage Appliance simulator on Virtual Box. You  can see the snapshot for better understanding.

Host OS Fedora 18
Guest OS Sun ZFS Storage 7000
Virtual Box Version 4.2.12 r84980


  1. Oracle Virtual Box.(Download for rpm version, as our Host OS is Linux) =>  For virtualization and it provides the platform to run ZFS storage appliance
  2.  Sun ZFS 7000 image. => The Actual Storage Appliance.

About the product :

  • This is a storage simulator. One can understand how to create Storage Pools, profile selection, Snapshots, Clones and Scheduled backup. We can also  configure various protocol like iSCSI, SMB, NFS etc.,
  • We can understand about worksheet, which gives graphical information about CPU loads, I/O Bytes per Second, I/O Bytes per Second Based on operation, NFSv4 broken down by type of operations, CPU utilization, etc., 
  • We can do health checks for the Hard disk. This simulator will be good for understanding the 7120, 7320 and 7420 series of Oracle Storage. ZFS is Zettabyte File System designed and implemented by Sun Microsystem.

This product gives the basic idea of storage and the background backup. This is will come with BUI(Browser User Interface) and CUI (Command User Interface)

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