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5 reasons why windows phone is the best

Written by pelister. Posted in General

The title of this article may make some( even many ) of you to frown upon in an instant. Many of you may not agree with me, but let’s face the facts. First of all I am not a proponent of Microsoft Windows OS, I had been an ardent Linux fan for many years, and used Linux OS alone to do everything, but I switched to Windows OS on account of 3ds max which does not have a Linux version. So, this is not a personal opinion.

I switched to smartphone a year ago, since I was using old Nokia phones, I decided to go with Nokia and bought Lumia 520 Windows Phone with Windows 8, which I later updated to 8.1. During this time of my Windows phone usage, I have come across mixed reactions from my friends and relatives using Android phones, and many of them made me really happy and proud. I am not going to write a book on it, which I can do, but I will give you some of the reasons why Windows Phone is better than any other out there.

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